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Sunday, February 12, 2006

peeling blue paint and the red and black snake

anti static, london buses, a collective of intent to go somewhere, something, somehow, the red button, the undo button, my instinct to cut and paste over all knowing and to what end?, what will really be done in the enclosure?, got sunlight on water clinging to rocks a red rag and what else? can you ever see the 360 degrees in five dimensions?

cross fire indulgence, peter change gear, yellow black zebra crossing big sailors knot, unmatched limbs, blindspot shopping list turnstile, the cow jumped over the moon, penzance poet living on a boat tingling affirmation, nev red and black snake, backfoot a loveless house, kimcatchaside radio nothingirish boy sweetly but in kindness an aversion for me, kindness weakness, blotter, butterfly burning up in a dim candle light casting a winging black shadows, i stretch as if drugged in his arms (who's arms?), so careful these days, i lost myself in the mix, red and black snake

i'm locked out
there is a mote, i cannot cross
a loveless house
there are abandoned cars, burned out scooters shopping trolley debrie
there is a quarry with tippedovercars on the cliffs
there is a shout back clapping and resounding
sweeping me back inside
a gash of a voice sweeping through me again and again
drawn down on the inbreath with the weight of lead pushing on the head and shoulders
there is a tiny red kite way too small
we are lost at sea
with the light on my watch as our only witness
the blue light from the first digital watch given me by ma and pa
i board a plane kicking and screaming in my fathers arms
age nine or ten i guess
digital watch blue light
and a gash storm of tears
condensation freezing cold sweat in rubber
a tumble down oblivion ingrown
to fall asleep in the drugged and fuck place
to be taken away
being alone is not good for me anymore
i become so frightened
tiny red flag on the mountainside
waving not drowning, drowing not waving

red and black snake

there is a door and sand, we are underground in sandy tunnel, a door far away, what is the other side of the door?, peeling bluepaint, ease up and walk with your own rhythm, yeah we can hear the drums some way away but i feel them moving into my body, first to the red base of the spine, holding sucking memory and form, pooling and building gathering essemblance, a key is swinging before me like a pendulum hypnotising and sending the eyes into the back of the skull, so the dance is rounding in the belly and pushing firmly inevitably into the heart and the red and black serpent is on the move uncoiling into my spine, i feel her into my fingers and tongue flicking at the back of the eyes and cheeks and spilling out through the eyelashes as the vacuum haemorrhages on the exhale to flood the 'sunken ship quarry' with the tiny red kite


Anonymous Anonymous said...

god your beautiful x

5:30 PM  
Blogger beautiful paranoir said...

your words, talk to me without even making a sound. i become lost in your thoughts and feelings. thank you for sharing your beautiful mind with us.

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Astro said...

At dawn he woke to the sound of shadows screaming
He rose from his bed and lit seven candles and incense of sweet rain
He pulled back the sheets and entered into the new day

And she was waiting but he did not see

8:51 PM  
Blogger (alisha rules the world) said...

it may be that i have been awake for somthing like forty hours and there are too many chemicals in my blood, but for the minutes i read that i was completely hypnotised.

good job.


7:25 AM  
Anonymous Clélia said...

There is always something that hurts in your words. Am i sad? Anyway, I liked to read from you. To hear you.
Maybe someday our pathes will cross.
Thank you for being what you are.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous inkling said...

down came the rain and washed the spider out, with love

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Two Black Cats said...

A predictable response, Inkling (with respect).

2:02 PM  
Anonymous inkling said...

yes with respect and love, finding spiders coming out of all strange places, guess its the season for them and by that dear two black cats i wouldn't be suggesting that you're one of them, i reckon you're more the snow leopard or some jaguar, those spiders are doing a fine work though

2:24 PM  
Anonymous JJB said...

Well, you can never really hide.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder, with the vast emotional intellect you have, what a great help you may be to others. xxx

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i see no borderlines between your art output and where you end.
you define no borders, no distance.
you make no secrets, it seems.
i imagin this to be a real drag actually.
or you must be a true exhibitionist.

that is the part of your output that i don't understand ...
i hope you're fine, your art is very inspiring (and sometimes depressing, too). you're rad, hope you're doing good.

10:03 PM  

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