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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

buoyant in all storms

elijah speaks (seems to have an american accent today) part.1:

wild horses got a devilish (nevillish ha!) instinct for homecoming, they know when they have been led astray and make their way back as if by birds and stars, you have this instinct in your heart knowing

the tide is turning and your beacon has been spotted in these long dark nights, 'blackspring' is aware as are you, we would always pull these hearts in reflection of one another

'elijah am i making this up? you know cos this is kind of what i want to hear

his vicinity is close and this is no collision in the dark, the compass sets her course and the light was spotted, its a homecoming out of the hands of your tiny will, quiet child and allow the mystery to unfold before you, thunderclouds and the electric atmosphere of the dark days make for reinvention and realisation, things turn over in broiling storms, things are bought up from the sea bed long buried and forgotten, a fissure, a crack and molten lava building new structure and horizon, this is very beautiful and you are most beloved

'a word for venus please'

there is a seed procurring, hasten not and be awake at dawn for the morning star is blinded with yesterdays news, clear and cast away, the birds have news, redirection and electric lines have entailed (enabled?) and re mapped the forest floor

a gentle hand stroking her face so beloved

elijah speaks part.2:

upstanding i can see your head above the clouds, the storms may rustle away in the basement but you have the longer foreseeing, calm and warm your face as the sun traverses her way across the snowy undoings and hear the song that is in your heart

'shall i go to ireland elijah?'

all doors open, the music is where you are


hearts pressed together resonate with a beautiful climate, the music is deep and heartfelt, cold kisses left at the door and enter the room, the walls speak and stroke your hair and the loveliest starburst that you could bring into being

what of neville?

a child and his box of tricks is tricky for sure and his vein is true when he hits the right mark, heartwarm your music, it is in you

'clear me out of the way, i would like to hear you '

announcements across the stars whispering to one another, there is a storm and your head is above the clouds, crisis management, you are not in need so calm the spirit

'please direct me'

tidy things away and then get on a plane

elijah speaks part.3

pack warm clothes for there is a freeze and you must remain warm, lampoon and request deliverence of all the beautiful cards in your heart, this is not a game of cards, we must place our hand face up on the table, only then can the mask drop the to floor behind us as we take our walk through this extraordinary life, there is a buoy adrift in the ocean, tumultous currents and adventures, coastal waters are treacherous only for those with bindings, we cannot be caught in the rapids, we are of a nature that corrects and rights imbalance so let go the mourings and allow the adventure, bouyant in all storms, the iceage will come and go and still we remain as a breath, as a witness to the extraordinary unfolding, cut the strings and float away, no kittens drowning in a bag


Anonymous Kontrary said...

Cutting the strings once more.

Learning to relax a little and let the body float.

I apologise once more for intrusions and speaking of things when I prehaps do not comprehend.

The lines cascade and fall.

Ivory lines lead.


3:34 PM  
Anonymous mercuarial said...

wise elijah wise elijah you calm even the seas beyond her horizon and they are thankful

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Delilah type person said...

Mercurial, you have gained an A!! Well done!
So come on Katiejane, who's Elijah, Neville and Blackspring?

8:47 PM  
Blogger Nya! said...

I love you and your art.
Is this you

1:45 PM  
Anonymous vicola said...

My irelands beautiful

Hope you think the same
Safe travels

6:12 PM  
Anonymous The Messenger said...

Elijah deems this to be innacurate.

10:58 PM  
Blogger kamala said...

There are separate forces pulling us in different directions. Equilibrium is not always good, it means being stuck. And so you have to cut the strings of the force that leads anywhere but home, so that all that remains is...

Nothing matters, accept for what you see and will see. I don't think this world is very real. So don't ever compare yourself to anything in it as a measuring stick. They made up the definitions. Especially for insanity. It's all bound up in a tiny box.

But I don't know...

Love Forever,

8:10 PM  

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