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Friday, April 07, 2006


immensely corrupt and a journey through treacherous landslide, collapsing corpus and teeth, he makes me cry, i am humiliated, humiliated is not a state i like to be in


dancing on a window ledge
15 stories high
i take it up upon myself
to learn me how to fly

i got a step on natures brim
and a head above the clouds
to take the leap
and dive right in
and learn me how to fly

the surface tension
snapping back
her walk-on-water eyes
consoled for mysteries deepest depths
would let me down to cry

would angels borrow me their wings
a surface tension lied
to tease me up against the brink
and learn me how to fly

but fear all made corruption be
her twisted wings denied
she could ever reach the stars
so i lay me down to die


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're your own angel....... saying as one myself

3:37 PM  

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