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Friday, June 27, 2008


there is a cross stitch and a blanket stitch, they are merely decoration, the stitch you need is with fishing gut, a purposeful intent to seal and contain these ideas and see that they make their way into the world, so many of your troubles are due to bad stitching, things coming away at the edges or fabric perished and unable to contain the load, this is important, get strong and see that there are no leaks, for when there are, the parasitic elements crowd around for the free feed, so here you have the answer, why do you never get paid while everybody seems to feed and grow fat from that that is not their own?, keep yourself protected from elements that seek to undo you, they look for all manner of ways to slip in around the back, weaken the fastenings so again you loose your power and in turn it is wasted by another, they gorge upon it but put it to no use, they just become fat in their sense of emptiness, they will never be filled but are wasting and using your precious resources, this is not yours to waste, it has been entrusted to you and it is your duty to see that it makes its way safely into manifestation, you are somewhat a 'dropped stitch' in the tapestry, you know how this can be fixed and fix it you must, meditate everyday to secure your moorings and make fit your skien that no other can cut you open and spill your crill, waterproofing of your etheric body

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